3 Things that You Should Know About Shaker Kitchens

A kitchen is said to be the heart of a home. We tend to do a variety of activities in the kitchen aside from cooking. Some of us love spending our time there talking while eating with a friend. Also, other people just love to stay there to study and test new recipes that they will be cooking for their family.

My most favourite room in the house is our kitchen. I stay there for long hours because I really love cooking and preparing food for my family. I also love trying new recipes because I always want have my family taste different dishes.

There came a time wherein I noticed that our kitchen is getting messy and a bit boring. So what I did was researched some new kitchen designs over the Internet. I just want our kitchen to be organized and relaxing so I would be more inspired to learn new things there. Then, I was stunned upon seeing the shaker kitchen styles. I said to myself that it was what I was looking for. So I printed out the design and asked my brother’s help in remodelling our kitchen.

Today, I now have a kitchen with shaker style and I really love its simplicity. If you also want to get this style, here are some facts that you should know about shaker kitchens that you would surely love, too.

  1. What does a shaker kitchen look like?

    I have read from the Web that shaker kitchens have a philosophy. From the word shaker itself, it came from a religious breakaway sect from the Manchester Quakers. They were named shakers because they perform shaking motions as their act of worship.If we look at a shaker kitchen, we could immediately notice its simplicity. The use of pure and simple lines on walls, cabinets, ceilings, kitchen islands, and other furniture in the kitchen could be visible before the naked eye. These lines make it a traditional and simple art with no over-stylish ornaments.
  1. Which home styles fit with it?Shaker kitchens are commonly known to be traditional in style. They are subtle, homely, and classy. Well, here is good news, shaker kitchens can fit in any type of home you have; whether you live in a Victorian or Edwardian type of house. In my case, my house is Victorian style and I have a classic interior. What I did was designed my shaker kitchen with simple interior and lighting. I painted my kitchen walls and cabinets with plain white. I also utilized a refined table and sitting furniture to complete its classic look.
  2. What are the benefits of a shaker kitchen?A shaker kitchen could benefit you in different ways. It makes your kitchen look plain, simple, and tidy. If we have a tidy kitchen, it seems to be inviting to our guests. In addition, it may give our visitors an impression that our kitchen is well organized.

Sometimes, I am fond of inviting my best friend to come over my house whenever I feel like trying out a new recipe. She would always compliment the overall look of my shaker kitchen. She even says that she is passionate about my organizing tactics. With that, choosing a shaker style for my kitchen didn’t even give me a single feeling of regret.

Now, I am enjoying the benefits of my shaker kitchen. I always get compliments from my friends and guests whenever they see my shaker kitchen. So, if you are also planning to remodel your kitchen, I strongly suggest the shaker kitchen style.

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Rattan Furniture in Garden (source)

Rattan Furniture in Garden (source)

Top 5 Benefits of Rattan Garden Furniture

Do you want to give the outside of your home a new different look? A beautiful patio or garden appears to be inviting to other people who pass by our home and to our visitors as well. Well as for me, I want to make my garden look more beautiful.  Few months ago, I tried researching on the kinds of furniture that are possible to place in my garden. Then I came about with some information about outdoor furniture.


Have you heard about rattan garden furniture?  I guess you have encountered it somewhere. But in case you haven’t heard of it yet, then I will discuss with you some details about it here in my blog. In fact, rattan garden furniture is becoming popular these days. I’m sure every homeowner would love to have this. Guess what? I already have my own rattan garden furniture I bought last month. Of course like I said, I really want to make my garden look more beautiful and unleash its natural look.

Rattan Furniture in Garden (source)

Rattan Furniture in Garden (source)

Did you know that rattan garden furniture have many benefits? I want to share with you 5 benefits of rattan garden furniture I have with me right now.


1. It is affordable.

Rattan furniture is really cost effective and economical. It is in fact cheaper than wooden furniture. I have also read that rattan furniture also last long like wooden furniture. So if we are looking for durable furniture for our garden but only have a limited budget, then this rattan garden furniture is definitely great for us. Plus, it comes in different designs so we are free to choose a design of our choice.


2. It is lightweight.

Rattan garden furniture is lightweight that’s why it is so easy to handle. At the same time, its high quality furniture pieces are solid and will not even get toppled in the wind. Because it is light in weight, I find it easy to reorganize.


3. It looks natural.

Rattan furniture is known for beautifying patios, balconies, and gardens. One thing I love about rattan furniture is its rustic façade that makes these pieces ideal for outdoors. It is as well naturally perfect for our garden wherein we can sit and unwind while having an afternoon fruit drink.


5. It requires low maintenance.

Other natural materials need to be treated with oil and preservatives. But did you know that rattan furniture lasts for a long time without frequent maintenance? Yes, that’s a fact. In my case, I use a nice brush to clean the dust on the pieces of my rattan furniture. After that, it will look as good as new. I also wipe it with a wet cloth just in case there’s dirt.


5. It is good for areas prone to rough use.

Rattan garden furniture is said to be the best for patios and gardens that are prone to rough use. This is great if we have kids who are usually playing around. Because rattan furniture is lightweight, it will not cause any injuries to our kids and we can easily put it back in place when moved.

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